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Joe Flacco: Ceasing feuds and cracking inappropriate jokes

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Training Camp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s practice by far was the fieriest training camp practice the Baltimore Ravens experienced this season, and maybe in quite a few years. It included two scuffles during O-line / D-Line drills, two more during the 11 on 11 match-ups, and one last feud during true football scenarios. The tension high for new players under the stadium lights apparently, as rookie linebacker Kamalei Correa tested both Dennis Pitta and Mike Wallace. Joe Flacco, the team’s captain, quarterback and leader finally put an end to the scuffles during the 11’s scenario, confronting the young Correa and testing whether he really wanted to step up with the O-line in tow.

"Ha! Listen, I’m protected man," Joe said. "I can say whatever I want to him cause I got a big army coming behind me. It wasn’t nice, but like I said, I mean I really didn’t have to be scared. I got a big army coming behind me. I think he was too smart. I challenged him to see if he was willing to come after me a little bit, and he made the right decision I think."

Dennis Pitta gave his reason why he got into the scuffle that ended with him spraining a finger.

"Without going into detail I think there was some after the whistle stuff that wasn’t necessary," Pitta said.

The finger is a simple day to day injury, they are only playing it safe because being out a few days in camp is much better than an injury during the regular season.

Joe Flacco teased Dennis about the injury.

"He got his little baby injury that he always gets in camp and gets him out of a week in camp," Joe teased. "That’s better than breaking his hip though."

Dennis heard the comment.

"I heard Joe say, ‘It’s a good thing he didn’t break his hip again’ which isn’t that funny Joe," Dennis responded.