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Ravens to use new field designs

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are not only switching the field at M&T Bank Stadium from turf to grass this offseason, but the team is also changing the designs on the field. The Raven's Twitter account tweeted out this picture this morning

The shield that has been painted on midfield is being switched in favor of the Ravens main logo. In the end zones, instead of the word "Ravens" and the painting of the Raven head, one end zone will now have just the word "Ravens", while the other end zone has the word "Baltimore".

"We felt like it was a good time to move our primary logo to midfield, and bring back the word Baltimore in one of the end zones," said Vice President of Marketing Brad Downs (per Ryan Mink via "We are proud of the heritage of Baltimore and wanted to represent our city prominently."

Mink also reports that the new painting will not be completed for the fans attending the free practices at the stadium on August 1st and 6th.