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Who's the most hated: Cam Cameron vs Dean Pees

Who is more despised in Ravens nation?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With Matt Cavanaugh excluded, two Ravens coordinators stand out as the ones Ravens fans came to dislike the most, with one for each side of the ball.

Cam Cameron

Cam Cameron may seem like a distant memory but in his time here, he was a unanimous scapegoat. So much so in fact, that I still remember the day he was fired. Cameron was undeniably terrible. One of the many sequences that stand out in my mind features Ray Rice scampering for a late third quarter go-ahead touchdown against the Steelers in 2012, only to never touch the ball again in what turned out to be a Ravens loss.

Cameron frequently clashed with Joe Flacco over the question of checking out of plays. His stubbornness stagnated the offense from 2010 until his departure. Perhaps the biggest indictment on Cameron was the instant success found under Jim Caldwell. The offense finally became the sum of its part. Fans hold Cameron responsible for stunting Flacco's and the passing game's development. The outdated Air Coryell concepts prompted Gregg Cossell to anoint Joe Flacco as the quarterback who attempted the toughest throws on a weekly basis.

Dean Pees

Dean Pees is today's version of Cam Cameron. What is really maddening in his case is that he is tinkering not only the defense's identity but consequently with the whole team's, since the defense has always set the tone in Baltimore. The Ravens defense has been steadily losing its physical edge but to an even larger event its mental edge, ever since Pees' arrival. The lack of development in young players in the secondary is also remarkable. Veterans seem to be the only players heady enough to make the apparently rocket science level checks needed for the defense to operate at a respectable level.

Now this is but a quick resume of the disliked things about the two most notorious Ravens coordinators. End the debate. It is a scorching hot question amongst us of Ravens nation.