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Oddsmakers say Baltimore Ravens won’t be making the post-season

Surprise suprise, Ravens are underdogs

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

A recent article on has the Ravens not being expected in the post-season. No big shocker here, but it's slightly disrespectful nonetheless.

Baltimore is a +125 to make the post-season. Meanwhile, two AFC North rivals are favorited. Pittsburgh is sitting at a comfortable -300, and Cincinnati also favorited at -165 means the Ravens are sitting third in the division.

Man, i'm really getting sick of those two squads...

AFC Teams favorited to make the playoffs:

New England Patriots (-500)
Pittsburgh Steelers (-300)
Indianapolis Colts (-165)
Cincinnati Bengals (-165)
Denver Broncos (-150)
Kansas City Chiefs (-150)
Houston Texans (-135)

After the AFC favorites, only one team stands ahead of Baltimore, the Oakland Raiders with a +110. I add this up to oddsmakers thinking Baltimore is the 8th best AFC team in the National Football League. Hopefully Baltimore proves them all wrong, and knocks one of those smug rivals off the post-season list.

P.S. Cleveland is a +600, second worst odds in the league.