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Ravens featured five times in NFL's released full games on YouTube!

Free full highlight games!

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Awhile back the NFL had fans vote via Facebook to upload what games each fanbase wanted on YouTube. Each team receiving three games free on YouTube, and in total 96 NFL games! Baltimore of course landed their three games, while also being on the losing side from two other games.

The Bad:

Pittsburgh Steelers fans voted us into their favorite three, and it surely isn't any of the pretty ones we all are imagining. The Steelers game is the 2008 AFC Championship in which Pittsburgh forces five turnovers before heading off to their seventh Super Bowl appearance.

Back in the early 2000's, battles against Tennessee and Baltimore were something to watch. So watchable that it one match-up is the third highest voted in game by Titans fans. The 2003 AFC Wild Card matchup, where Tennessee nails a last second field goal.

The Good:

I presume everbody can guess the games, but the order is slightly surprising to me.

Super Bowl XLVII -- Ravens vs. 49ers (42%)

No doubt this deserves to be in the top three games. We all witnessed Joe Flacco and Jacoby Jones embarrass San Francisco. But staving off the horrifying comeback is something to never stop enjoying. Let's not forget that was the last game for Ray Lewis after 17 seasons.

2012 AFC Championship Game -- Ravens vs. Patriots (21%)

Vengeance after 2011's 'whiff'. Coming back against the Patriots after being down at half, a feat no other team had yet accomplished. Slightly surprised it is second highest, but it's nonetheless an outstanding match-up against a true playoff rival.

2012 AFC Division playoffs -- Ravens vs. Broncos (19%)


Not a shocker at all seeing the 2012 post-season wrapped up in these games. A truly magical season for Ravens fans. Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis coming back from injury, Ray's announcement that 2012 was his 'last ride'. Getting pummeled by the Steelers forcing us to take the 'good hard look in the mirror'. Then crushing the Colts in the Wild Card match-up before these three games.

These videos will be uploaded for all 32 teams in August.