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Stephen Tulloch the veteran middle linebacker the Baltimore Ravens need?

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

After being released by the Detroit Lions, Stephen Tulloch is a worth glimpsing over as Baltimore’s biggest absence on the defensive side seems to be a partner alongside C.J. Mosley.

Reading from SB Nation site ‘Pride of Detroit’, it seems to clear up some things quickly.

"Tulloch’s release had long been thought of as a formality," says author Jeremy Reisman. "He was due to get paid an annual salary of $5.5 million in 2016, far too much for the two-down linebacker he has become at this point."

A two-down linebacker implies he isn't somebody you want covering the middle when it comes to pass defense. Not a good sign so far with Baltimore lacking in the coverage department. Last season it looked as Daryl Smith was the primary coverage player while C.J. sniffed out any run play. Down the stretch Daryl showed his age and the Ravens suffered. What the Ravens need is somebody to guard the stud tight ends, Gary Barnidge, Tyler Eifert, and Ladarius Green playing for AFC North rival Browns, Bengals, and Steelers.

Later on in Pride of Detroit’s article, "Though his coverage skills have taken a dramatic step down, he is certainly still valuable as a run defender," says Reisman. "Last season, Tulloch led the Lions with 107 tackles."

Combing through Stephen's stats, I don't see a reason to open the wallet up for the linebacker. Baltimore has what Stephen Tulloch offers in Mosley, and purchasing an older veteran with the same or worse skillset isn't the right idea.