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The Baltimore Ravens need to reclaim home field advantage

Ravens getting back to its roots is the first step to success.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens and specifically its defense has traditionally been a force to be wreckoned with at home for almost 20 years. The worst Ravens team ever took arguably the greatest team of all-time in the 2007 Patriots to the brink.

John Harbaugh's Ravens now have a record of 48-16 at home. Two years ago however, the Ravens had the best home record in the NFL. Since 2012 and the departure of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, home field advantage has steadily gotten worst, culminating with last season.

The Ravens allowed 26.0 points at home. A horrific umber indeed. Last season saw things previously unthinkable happen to the Ravens at home. The loss to the Browns stands out as unseemly. Josh McCown ended the day with 457 passing yards.

There was a time where any game - never mind a home game - against the Browns was a shoe-in win.

The first game of the season could tell a lot about how the Ravens will fare at home. If Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor puts forth a display, evading linemen, throwing on the run and finding wide open receivers due to busted coverages, Ravens fans will find themselves in the same rut they were in last year. The defense needs to take the first step. In home games - at the very least - the defense needs to be the aggressor.