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Ravens training camp: Winners & Losers 7/31

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Training Camp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

What felt like a quick day to me ends with more positive news than negative. I didn’t see many players sticking out in a bad way.

Bad day players:

Brennen Beyer - The linebacker struggled today in drills. I noticed him on the receiving end of many coaches pointers. That is good they’re helping to better his skill, but he was out there a lot getting directed. During scrimmage Beyer was penalized for a facemask. They aren’t even hitting, and yet he’s still flagged for ripping off Justin Forsett’s helmet. That’s pretty glaring.

Kaelin Clay - Not many positives he stuck out for. One good catch is positive, but nothing to bring him higher than Camp or Reynolds. He wasn’t really good during punt return practice either getting taken down early in the drill.

Matthew Judon - Judon has been okay the past few practices, but mercy it wasn’t a good day for him. He has to work on a lot. During Special Teams he was on the wrong side of the field getting belted at by Coach Rosburg. During scrimmage Judon was pancake blocked by lineman. Defensive line coach Joe Cullen was yelling for him to get the hell back up and chase down the play. Rough go at it today.

Meanwhile, I had to cut down the biggest winners list!

Joe Flacco - This man fired great passes, dropped back without issue, and I believe he had less bad throws than touchdowns. Most reasons for the incompletions equated to dropped balls. I only counted one pass that was not on target. He fit a few past the secondary, and they made their fair share of deflections, but Joe was hitting them on target more consistently than the past two days.

Keenan Reynolds - Finally, the QB turned WR produced. It’s not perfect as he dropped one punt, but that was the minor compared to all the positive plays he produced. Every punt return he found the lane and executed. Clay on the other end not finding the running lanes maximized the good day with his negative runs. During scrimmage Reynolds made a couple passes, and translated a screen to a twenty yard gain. With Campanaro getting the day off Reynolds didn’t take his snaps for granted.

Mike Wallace - It’s safe to say the connection with Flacco is full-tilt. Two touchdowns landing in Mike’s arms was great to watch, and only more impressive is him receiving both not on nine routes. Both were on inside based routes. If he can be a multi-tool receiver rather than just a deep threat the Ravens can utilize every aspect of his ability.

Honorable mentions: Eric Weddle, Javorius Allen, Justin Tucker

Top highlights:

Kamar Aiken catches a deep flag route over the shoulder from Joe Flacco

Eric Weddle deflected two passes, and almost caught both of them

Javorius Allen spin-move juked Kavell Conner to stone

Keenan Reynolds screen goes for twenty yards

Shareece Wright deflects two passes back to back

Flacco hits three touchdown passes

Justin Tucker nails a 69 yard field goal