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Keenan Reynolds inconsistent early on in training camp

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It is still early in training camp. Baltimore RavensKeenan Reynolds will have chances to improve. Early signs though, cannot be glossed over and ignored. With the first week of camp drawing to a close, Michael Campanaro finds himself squarely in the lead for the slot receiver position, which becomes more important now that reports of Steve Smith Sr.’s injury being a double tear have emerged. The winner of the slot receiver competition will likely find himself splitting time with - as of now - Chris Moore.

Early reports show Reynolds might have stagnated on his upwards trajectory. Baltimorebeatdown's own Kyle Barber reports.

Back to back bad days is no way to start the first week of camp. Didn’t stand out to me in the return game, but neither did Campanaro or Clay. They were doing some drills that nobody outshined the other. During scrimmage Reynolds made a fine block, opening Terrance West’s lane of 15 yards. But a series later he drops an easy pass across the middle, nobody in close coverage around either.

Yesterday was the second day in a row that saw Reynolds struggling. If his struggles persist, the underlying feeling concerning his early success will be that it seemingly had more to do with the level of competition and the lower levels of energy surrounding him then his own skills.

Today, Reynolds had a better camp as Kyle reported.

Finally, the QB turned WR produced. It’s not perfect as he dropped one punt, but that was the minor compared to all the positive plays he produced. Every punt return he found the lane and executed. Clay on the other end not finding the running lanes maximized the good day with his negative runs. During scrimmage Reynolds made a couple passes, and translated a screen to a twenty yard gain. With Campanaro getting the day off Reynolds didn’t take his snaps for granted.

Training camp, especially when it involves young players, is always about growing pains and ups and downs. Not to mention, when preseason games begin, we will begin to see how this battle continues between Reynolds and Campanaro especially.