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Ravens training camp: Full pads folks! Live Thread and Schedule

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Today is hot and muggy as ever, with the weather here in Owings Mills around the 70’s. Humidity is at 99% right now. Nonetheless, it’s a refreshing day with the Baltimore Ravens strapping in full pads.

Baltimore as everybody knows, is a tough team with true grit. They don’t let any team outperform them in the aggression department. That’s why today is so exciting; we finally get to see the hitting displayed by these powerful players.

7/30 Schedule:

Practice: 8:45 - 11:00

Podium: 11:15

Jerry Rosburg - Special Teams Coordinator/ Assoc. Head Coach

Dean Pees - Defensive Coordinator

Marc Trestman - Offensive Coordinator

No players to take the podium today, but these men will all have great evaluations of what they’ve seen so far, and what they expect in the future.

As always, I will have the @BmoreBeatdown account embedded at the bottom of this article to keep you updated with any information I can post during practice.