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Don’t pump the breaks on the Mike Wallace hype train

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Mike Wallace failed his conditioning test the first time, so what? The Ravens brought in Wallace to do one thing, and one thing only and that's being a deep threat at wide receiver. Is failing a conditioning test a great way to start training camp, no, but it’s not like Wallace’s spot on the team is in any doubt. Besides, Wallace passed his conditioning test yesterday. Is that going to have an impact on his season? No, it isn't.

The Bleacher Report had an interesting take on the issue.

"Mike Wallace is a cheetah," Charlie Simms said, "the cheetah is doing the same running test as the rhino is and its unfair...Mike Wallace was put on Earth to run 60 yards as fast as he can, take 30 seconds, and do it again."

Simms is claiming that Wallace might not have the same endurance as a big defensive lineman (a rhino) and that that’s perfectly ok. As Simms said, all Wallace is there to do anyway, is run 60 yards down the field as fast as he can.

Also in the video, Simms said Wallace runs mostly posts and deep curls, which, as was pointed out in the video, is a large part of the Ravens offense anyway. The Ravens have been desperate for a speedy receiver to run those routes. So who cares if Wallace fails the conditioning test on the first try?

Simms argues that Wallace will have one of his best seasons ever this year, and he very well may prove to be correct on that front as well. It has been well documented that Wallace isn’t a huge fan of Teddy Bridgewater, a quarterback who isn’t largely aggressive throwing the ball down the field.

The quarterback Wallace has thrived under, Ben Roethlisberger, is well known for being aggressive throwing the ball down the field, and Joe Flacco is the same way. As Wallace’s game fits Joe Flacco so well, it would not be surprising to see Wallace put up a career year this year. If the o-line can keep Flacco upright, there really is no telling what Wallace may be able to do.

Failing a conditioning test is clearly not something Mike Wallace was striving for, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have what it takes anymore, so let’s not overreact to it. What really matters is what Wallace is able to do with the pads on, and it doesn't look like he is going to fail there.