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Jake Long a free agent, deal with Ravens fell through

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Word has come out that Jake Long will not be playing for the Baltimore Ravens this season after an initial agreement between the two.

The Ravens wanted Long to sign an injury waiver that would let the Ravens off the hook if he were to be placed on IR during the 2016 season. Jake then wanted to have his knee inspected by Dr. James Andrews before signing the papers. Makes sense, and I completely agree with the move. But, after getting his knee checked out, and being cleared by the doctor who conducted the two ACL surgeries, Long still will not sign an injury waiver.

Adam Schefter on Facebook posted,

“Despite passing an exit physical with Falcons in January and another with Dr. James Andrews this week, Jake Long declined to sign injury waiver with Ravens today and now remains a free agent. Long texted ESPN today that his knee feels great, was enthused by Andrews’ review of his knee this week, and looks forward to playing this season.

I’m very happy to read this. Not because Jake Long won’t be a Raven, but instead the Ravens weren’t going to beat around the bush. Either they don’t pay for an injury prone player if he hits injured reserve, or they don’t bring him at all. Ozzie not flinching is the right way to go about this. If Long isn’t confident enough to play and not become injured, the Ravens shouldn’t sign him for a seven figure contract. It’s a waste of cap spending. Great move by the front office.