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Ravens training camp: Star defensive lineman shine in drills

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens

Day two of the practices began for the Baltimore Ravens, and a lot happened. I’m happy to report it’s almost all good news.

As positional workouts began I watched receivers and quarterbacks play professional catch; Ravens working routes and timing. Dropbacks and timing was clearly the reason for the warm up. I continued to view until I heard yelling and banging from the next field over.

Timmy Jernigan punished dummy after dummy, hands chopping, feet churning and power emitting from his frame. He blasted the final blocking dummy before the devastating the QB simulated dummy with arms holding a football. It never stood a chance.

Jernigan and his offseason workouts look to be working. He attacked every drill with a ferocity that made you smirk and nod your head. This dog is ready to be let loose, and quarterbacks will not be happy about it.

The next man in the drill, Brandon Williams. He may not have pumped his legs to the same degree, or come out with the same speed that Timmy Jernigan produced, but once his arms made contact with the dummies they instantaneously lay horizontal, impacting the turf. Creating an intimidating commotion just like Jernigan, Williams let it be known he’s wanting no part of ‘just good enough’.

I quickly made my way to the opposite end where they had been practicing. It was clear that Williams and Jernigan are on another level athletically. Jernigan speed noteworthy, while Brandon’s power is jaw-dropping.

Don’t take this as, ‘everybody is bad but Tim & Brandon’, that’s not the case. But they are out-practicing others. Not surprised as Brandon is one of the best defensive lineman in the league.