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Dennis Pitta not thinking about hip unless asked about it

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After his second day of practice Dennis Pitta walked up to the podium with his hair high to the sky, awaiting his first question. After a few moments the first question rolled in quite comically, "Welllll, how does it feeeel?"

"My hair or my . . ." Dennis said, smirking knowing the real question. "My hip feels good. I’m two days in and not worried about it at all. I’m moving like I want to and just continue to stay the course. Everything is on track so far."

While Harbaugh said pads are the next step for him, Dennis says otherwise.

"No, it’s not much different from what we’re doing out here. As you can see, it’s not half-speed out here right now, it’s full-speed," Pitta said. "We’re still hitting pretty good even though we don’t have shoulder pads on. There will be a little bit more contact at the point of attack — the line of scrimmage. Apart from that, it’s not going to be much different. I don’t anticipate tomorrow being a big hurdle for me to clear. It’s just another practice for me."

Around six questions were pestering Pitta about the hip. He let it be clear he is one-hundred percent.

"I’m just focused on football," Dennis said. "As much as you guys ask about my hip, I’m not thinking about my hip, until I stand up to the podium."

One final question was brought up about the hip by a reporter whom earlier asked about the previous injury.

"This guy is really worried about my hip right here," Pitta said while pointing to the reporter. "No, honestly, there’s nothing I do on the field that I worry about or even think about it, or it gives me a different feeling bending this way or twisting that way. Like I said, it’s not something throughout the course of a practice that I’m even thinking about one bit — which is good, which is really positive."

Fantastic news for Ravens fans. The man is confident in his body and ability. I will also not be asking about his hip in the future.

Garrett Downing, staff writer for the Baltimore Ravens helped to steer the presser away from injury, and instead about the competition in the tight end group.

"That’s a good question," Pitta said, relieved of the pestering questions. "There’s a lot of competition. It’s a deep group of tight ends. We’ve got a lot of studs in this group. It’s exciting, because you get a little more rest at practice, but you get pushed every time you’re out there. You have to play well and show that you can add some value to this group and find a way onto the field. That’s, I think, all of our focus right now."

The question on ever fans mind besides the hip, his chemistry with QB Joe Flacco.

"Yeah, it doesn’t feel any different than it did a couple of years ago when we were out there throwing the ball around. I don’t think those kinds of things go away. He knows what I’m thinking. He knows where I’m going to be on certain routes and vice-versa. I think we’re both comfortable with each other, and now it’s just about getting our legs under us and making sure we’re comfortable within the offense. That’s a little bit different than what we’ve been doing."

It’s been apparent that they’ve picked up quickly once again. He’s producing great catches on some nice throws from Joe. This connection is serious, and expect the duo to score a few times this year.