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Ravens training camp: Buck Allen Highlights

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Javorius Allen was at the podium answering questions from the media today. Very short and sweet coverage from Buck helped to really cut down to the heart of questions.

Best question, in my opinion, wanted to know what Buck wants to prove this season.

"That I can be accountable in any situation; that you don’t have to think twice about putting me out there no matter what the situations is; being that guy that can play first, second, third and fourth down," Allen said. :Whatever you need me to do, I’ll do it."

Clearly he means it, and showed his best efforts last season after Forsett went down with injury. Buck produced 332 rushing yards including the St. Louis match-up (game Forsett was lost to injury). Buck Allen also proved his threat in the passing game accumulating 295 yards in those seven games. This includes a 41-yard receiving touchdown against Miami, in a 107 yard receiving effort.

Clearly those efforts weren’t to be satisfied as the back-up.

"All of us are trying to compete," Buck said. "Everybody wants to be the starter. Everybody in the room wants to be the starter. You’re going to try to beat whoever is on top and whoever the man is behind you, you’re going to try to stay in front of him. That’s my motive."

No player should even be thinking about being satisfied in their abilities, and certainly not the running backs. The entire depth chart is filled with starting quality players, and with the recent injuries hindering Trent Richardson, Lorenzo Taliaferro and now Kenneth Dixon, the battle can be won by anybody.

Javorius was asked how he kept sharp over the offseason.

"Something I did was ask people from outside, a family member or close friend, 'What do you think I need to work on?' Me, personally, I know what I need to work on, but it's different from someone outside looking in," said Allen.

Immediate follow-up question asked what Allen was told from those outside sources.

"Just be more physical. Run like you're 220, not 212. That's something I really took personal," Buck said.  "Making that jump cut look clean, that's something I worked on. Only time will tell.I'm ready to have a great camp and get after it."