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Ravens training camp day two: Eric Weddle highlights

Baltimore Ravens v San Diego Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

While reporters stood about waiting for the first name of the day to arrive, Eric Weddle snuck past and ended up at the podium first. He was grinning from ear-to-ear, and the beard was on full display.

Weddle was quick to answer anything and everything, with the first question pertaining to his transition to the Ravens training camp.

"Gosh, I can’t tell or express the excitement you have coming back. All of your hopes and dreams start right now — to have a chance at the ultimate goal: winning a Super Bowl," Weddle said. "[It was a] great start. It’s good to see ‘5’ out there slinging it around, giving us some looks. It was a little off going back to my days playing against him and all of the scouting. It was weird. Now he’s my teammate, so hopefully I can pick him off a few times and get him right."

The competitive nature showing early by Weddle, saying he wants a few interceptions off Flacco. They were combating one another as the practice wore on. You could see Weddle and Flacco both trying to best one another. Multiple quotes from Weddle about Joe were made.

"He made some great throws today. One was to Pitta across the middle," Weddle said. "It was just a great throw. Only great quarterbacks can make that throw. It’s going to be great for us going against him every day, and also for him going against us. We’ll get each other better and hopefully be the best."

"[Flacco] looked good," Eric said. "He seemed confident and wasn’t back there hobbling around or stumbling or footwork was off. You couldn’t tell he just had surgery in the offseason. It’s definitely a positive sign."

Of course, what would be a presser without a question discussing his signature beard.

"It’s feeling good," Eric said as he laughed, tugging at the facial hair. "I’m just letting it grow. It’s a lot more full this time around, which is nice. I haven’t been wearing a chin strap for the last three months. It’s coming in even. We’ll see where it goes. I might be sporadic and just cut it or I might let it grow. If we’re winning, it’s going to be there and full."