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Veteran additions Jerraud Powers and Mike Wallace both fail conditioning test

Disappointing news about the veterans

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

News broke yesterday that Mike Wallace failed his conditioning test. Today, he still was not on the field. He does get the opportunity to take the test before practice, and once again he failed.

"Jerraud Powers still has to pass his conditioning test," John Harbaugh said. "As does Mike Wallace."

Immediately following Harbaugh was asked if Wallace was any closer to passing today. Harbaugh wasn’t exactly happy when responding, "Yeah, it doesn’t matter. You pass it or you don’t. You know? You make it or you don’t.

Not good news for the Ravens, with two of their great additions not even seeing the field today.

The head coach also brought up the recent additions signed yesterday, wide receiver Dobsin Collins and inside linebacker Kavell Conner.

"Brought a couple new players — Dobsin Collins, he’s still got to pass his conditioning test if he wants to practice with the Ravens," Harbaugh said. "He hasn’t done that yet. Kavell Conner came out and blew the conditioning test away even though he’d never heard about it before. I would say that Kavell Conner is in great shape, and was ready for his opportunity."

Harbaugh clearly using the statement for two reasons.

  1. He was truly impressed that a man who’d never heard of the conditioning test showed up and ‘blew the conditioning test away’. That’s great news as a Ravens fan that players are already in great football shape.
  2. Dobsin Collins is not in shape, and by not passing his test should feel guilty that he isn’t playing with this great opportunity given to him.