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Ravens RB Justin Forsett: “It’s my duty to pass that on”

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Training Camp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As quarterback Joe Flacco exit stage left, media waited on for the running back to arrive. In the mean time, the microphone stand was lowered almost two feet as Justin Forsett walked outside to the podium. Sounds of laughter emerged as Forsett stepped through the audience.

First question of the day wanted to know about how he enjoyed his time in the offseason.

“Probably going to Italy and speaking out there and doing a football camp,” Forsett said. “That was pretty awesome. I’ve never been a big Italian food guy — I’ve been to Carrabba’s once or twice.” Laughter was found by the entire crowd as he grinned.

The most important question of the presser pertained to his job as a running back. Forsett is on his fifth team in nine seasons. He can’t take things for granted, and knows while these are his teammates, they are his competition. Helping them become better is about comradery, yet they could take his job.

“I feel like me being here is greater than football. Anytime I can help and serve my teammates, allow them to be better, I’m all for it,” Forsett said. “When I got in the league, it was guys like T.J. Duckett, Maurice Morris and Julius Jones that helped me on along the way — Edgerrin James — those guys helped me be a pro and showed me the way. It is my duty to pass that on.”

An absolute professional in all phases of life. Justin Forsett could easily be the guy that is too worried about losing his job that he keeps the veteran analysis and tricks to himself, attempting to stay ahead of others. As previously stated, Justin has played on five different squads in the last nine years; No doubt it must be a little bit on his mind that he doesn’t have complete job security. Yet the man believes it is his duty to pass on sharing information, and helping younger NFL players become professionals. Forsett could not be a more crucial veteran presence that the sports world loves to talk about. His help with the younger players, his leadership and his guidance are all necessary and crucial to the younger players in Baltimore uniforms.