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Baltimore Ravens training camp day two: Live feed and information

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everybody! It’s day two of the Baltimore Ravens training camp, and the first day of practice. No pads, but the speed will be on full display.

First and foremost, the schedule for today is as follows:

Practice runs from 9:00 - 11:00 AM ET.

At the podium to address the media today:

  1. HC John Harbaugh
  2. RB Javorius Allen
  3. OT Ronnie Stanley (rookie)
  4. DB Eric Weddle

Will be great to hear from Harbaugh at the podium and get his initial thoughts about camp, and his excitement for the new season.

Javorius Allen is a character I want to hear from directly as his chance to make the roster is not guaranteed. Finding out more on his views of camp, and how he plans to build off last seasons end will be important.

The rookie is going to be hit with questions, and finding out his thoughts on the Jake Long signing will be worth a listen. Definitely want to know how he plans to become a stalwart left tackle, and building chemistry with the new unit.

The Beard himself is going to be very important to the Ravens, and a veteran presence that should be noticed when he steps into a room. Eric Weddle is a highly intelligent football player with the knowledge worth listening to.

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