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Ravens training camp day two: John Harbaugh highlights

Harbaugh at the mike

After a nice hot practice in Owings Mills, Head Coach John Harbaugh addressed the media with some enthusiasm. He started off by complaining about the size of his hat, and asking reporters if it actually fit right.

He was very disappointed that a few Ravens have not passed their conditioning test, and made it very clear.

Quick question immediately pertained to asked how nice it was to see Joe Flacco out on the field throwing day one of practice.

"Well first day — you know — I mean, all the guys. . . We’re certainly not ready for prime time," Harbaugh said. "But, for the first day it was a good start. They practiced fast, it was hot. You know they pushed through it."

Clearly not answering much about Flacco, but instead the entire team.

A question came about how Anthony Levine Sr. was playing inside linebacker at times, to which Harbaugh gave a lengthy explanation about how players will be flipped around everywhere. At the end, John Harbaugh summarized with, "We want to be a very versatile defense."

I personally watched Ronnie Stanley a lot today. My assessment:

  • Very smooth in his movements.
  • Hands quick to be up
  • First step is lightning quick - many times I thought he was offsides from the sudden movement. No official called it all day because he wasn’t just so quickly out of his stance

Harbaugh gave his assessment as well.

"Yeah, he seemed fine. I mean we have to watch the tape — you know — kind of see all the details of it," John said. "But I thought he did a good job. Didn’t see anything glaring on the negative side which is probably what you notice first, and I did not see that with Ronnie. So he looked good."

Weddle, who took the podium prior to Harbaugh was brought up, and how he looks in the backfield.

"He looks good back there. He does seem. . . seamless," John said. "He does look like he knows what he’s doing, that he’s been playing for a long time, and he’s a really smart football player. So I would say he’s advertised that way and it’s good for us."

Personally, I tried watching the tight ends today, and the focus became more on Dennis Pitta. Pitta looked fluid during the entire practice and even snagged a great pass from Flacco that had only one man to beat before the endzone. In my mind that play goes for six, and I'm hoping that connection sticks through the regular season.

"Thought Dennis did well," John said. "Caught the ball well and — one time we had an overzealous play where someone bumped into him and he popped right up. So that was nice to see. He looked good."

There was a smile creeping onto the head coaches face as he finished the last two sentences. No doubt it will be nice to have the Joe Flacco to Dennis Pitta connection an option for Harbaugh.