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Terrell Suggs: "I want another ring"

Sizzle will be ready for 2016, but 2016 ain't ready for Sizzle

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Suggs spoke to the press today for the first time in almost a year. He gave a reason why it took so long. He said with his injury,  "It isn’t you can go around the building and stuff, but instead it’s three months, on your back."

The most unique question, and the one he wasn’t prepared for was from Garrett Downing, the Ravens own staff writer. It was to the extent of, "What have you learned about yourself this past year?"

"I don't know, man," Suggs said. "I wasn't prepared for that one. (luaghter) You learn a lot about yourself. Like I said, when it happened the first time, I was very anxious. I guess this time I was just very patient. The first time it took five months, this time it took like ten."

Last year at training camp Terrell's legacy and the hall-of-fame was brought up. He was asked if he's still in a position to talk it now.

"Not really," Terrell said. "That's what you want to talk about when it's, 'Aww man, this hurts and that hurts.' No, I feel good. I'm not really talking about a legacy. My boy is still anxious to get out there. He wants t o see me do my thing. I'm not worried about all of that. I think if you play and you give your all, then all of that will take care of itself. I'm not really worried about that. I do want another ring though; you can put that in there."

He finished those last two sentences very strongly. He pointed to the source of the question, and shook his head emphatically. No doubt he wants another championship ring.

Sizzle is excited for camp, and was asked about it if he misses football.

"I miss it a lot. It's like the girl that got away, so to say," Terrell said. "But you get another crack at it. She came back around an dyou want to do right by her. I missed her a lot. I miss it a lot, and I'm very anxious to get back out there. The Sizzle side of me -- the Vader side of me -- is like, 'Let's go do it,' but let's just be smart. Let's not hang ourselves. Let's not jump off a cliff, so to say."

Overall, Terrell was excited to be back in the facility and ready to produce this upcoming season. No doubt he wants it.

"It won't be long til you see 55 back out there on the field," Sizzle said.