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Ravens QB Joe Flacco says knee is good, but a brace will be worn

No, "what ifs" for Flacco

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco talked about himself today, as we all wished he would. Many questions brought up the knee, and he answered without waivering.

Joe said the knee feels good, and he's been on the field already three times.

Flacco was asked about a knee brace being used in practice, and responded saying he'll not only be wearing a brace in practice, but in games as well.

"If it helps a little bit, that's huge," said Flacco. "I'm not going to leave it up to risk and then havev something happen and say, 'what if?' I'm going to wear it. There's no reason not to.

Flacco's goal this offseason was to be ready for training camp. After accomplishing this goal he was asked if pre-season was the new goal.

"The goal is to make sure I'm as healthy as possible, regular season, Game one," Flacco said. "I'm not ridiculously worried about playing a ton in the preseason."