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Baltimore Ravens training camp day one: Joe Flacco podium presser

Standing tall, and looking sharp for camp

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco just finished at the podium, and with it came many questions about the knee, camp itself, and where he is at physically & mentally.

The first question fired off quickly, wanting to know how eager he feels for training camp coming off an injury.

"I'm excited, but it is good that I've had a little break-in period the last four days with some of the rookies and a couple of the other injured other guys," Flacco said. "It has been nice to get out there and throw some passes around and really test and see how if feels for real."

More on the knee from later questions,

"It's felt really good," Joe said. "I was really optimistic the first day I went out there, and within a couple minutes, I really just forgot about it."

He was asked about a knee brace as well, "I'll wear it during practice. I'll wear it during games." Another question on the knee brace was if he'd wear it all season, to which Flacco replied, "No doubt. If it helps a little bit, that is huge. I'm not going to leave a risk, and then have something happen and say, 'What if?' I'm going to wear it; there is no reason not to."

Questions brought up his chemistry, or lack-thereof with Breshad Perriman.

"I've been hanging out with him a little bit in [the training room]. I finally convinced him to cut his hair off. I'm going to take credit for that even though I had no idea he did it." Everybody broke into laughter quickly.

Also, if you didn't know and was confused by the comment, Breshad did in fact cut the hair.

Bringing it back to the knee, and the rehabilitation Joe endured, he made things quite clear.

"It's not the end of the world," said Joe. "I missed a handful of games and it didn't feel good."

The summary you want, Joe Flacco is not only upright, but out there shaking the rust off and preparing for the 2016 season. Baltimore will no doubt be led by the franchise quarterback we know and love.