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Day one Ravens Training Camp 2016: what to expect?

Everything and nothing

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the first day of training camp, and if you have no idea what's going on, this guide will help!

Veteran player arrivals are from 1:00-4:00 PM ET.

After the Ravens arrive, three Baltimore Ravens will take to the podium.

4:00 PM - QB Joe Flacco

Joe has been rehabbing his torn ACL/MCL over the past year, and I presume many questions will focus on the current state of his health, mobility and ability to make plays come the 2016 season.

4:15 PM - RB Justin Forsett

Over the past year Justin Forsett had surgery to repair his broken arm after a hard tackle from Aaron Donald back in November. The same game Joe Flacco went out for the season. A veteran NFL player, and the presumed starter for the Ravens come week one, I expect questions over his health, and about the depth of the tail back position.

5:30 PM - OLB Terrell Suggs

Sizzle has not spoke. With the media since week one of last year after rupturing his Achilles against the Denver Broncos. Questions of his health will be absolutely flying about for the 13-year veteran.

I have linked the Baltimore Beatdown Twitter account to the live update article on the front page. I'll be tweeting news out as soon as I'm allowed!