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Joe Flacco should see a return to his glory days

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the scene for the Baltimore Ravens at wide receiver are Mike Wallace and the mythical Breshad Perriman. Their respective arrivals on the gridiron for the Ravens have been well advertised but one thing that has not been mentioned at length is how the deep ball will cut down Joe Flacco's throwing attempts, therefore referring an offense that despite finishing last year with good numbers found itself throwing over 50 times in seven games, including a 53 attempt thrown by Flacco and a record breaking 56 attempt thrown by Ryan Mallett.

Flacco has always been at his best when his throwing attempts are held between 25 and 35. The running game is often mentioned as the key to balance and efficiency, but efficiency can found in the passing game itself.

Last season, the Ravens offense was boxed in and was forced to throw short of the first down marker to players who were not explosive threats after the catch. The more Flacco was forced to throw, the more he started to press, as proven by his output against the 49ers. Flacco's game was punctuated by two horrible interceptions, seeing him forcing the ball into tight coverage once and throwing off his back foot for the ball to be fair caught by the deep safety in the other.

Wallace and Perriman will bring big plays. Big plays will help Flacco throw less since there will be fewer yards to cover. A return to the 2013 Gary Kubiak-led offense under offensive coordinator Mark Trestman should be in the cards for the Ravens.