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Le'veon Bell facing suspension

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers' running back Le'Veon Bell is facing a four-game suspension after reportedly missing an NFL-administered drug test.

No announcement has been made on the official decision yet, due to the continuation of the appeals process.  Last season, Bell was hit with a three-game suspension (reduced to two) after he was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession, a violation of the NFL's substances of abuse policy.

If Bell's suspension is to stand in any form, it still wouldn't affect either game against the Ravens, assuming he is healthy.  Regardless, the news won't exactly brighten the day of any Pittsburgh fans.  After his suspension last year, Bell missed a large amount of the season due to a bad knee injury.

Bell surely seemed to have enough on his plate having to come back from something like that in time for the 2016 season, with this appeals process representing just another rough break for what has been a somewhat rough past couple of months for Bell.