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Brandon Williams takes top spot in NFL’s Most Underrated: Pete Prisco

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Before writing with the Baltimore Beatdown, I was on my own under a terribly unprofessional blogspot account. I studied film and highlights for the entire 2013 Ravens draft class, and submit my thoughts on every player. The one that sticks out the most, Brandon Williams. An excerpt:

"I don't know much of Mr. Williams. He looks big, and his video shows he possesses impressive awareness skills. He finds the ball, and forces his way towards it. . ."

"As a small town school to be drafted by Ozzie, he must be a dominant force every game, every play, and show he is better than the small school he is in. You can't slow down, or be "just good enough", but push it every snap of the ball, practice or game. I like this pick, and the coaches all wanted him in the third, I like it."

It was my first true draft evaluation, and I was more confident with this selection than Matt Elam or Arthur Brown. I believed he was going to take Terrence Cody’s job within the first season, and become a definite starter. I only wish I wrote more on it.

What am I getting at though?

Not about my best Nostrodamus impression, but how the Missouri-Southern nose tackle is now ranked as the most underrated NFL player.

Pete Prisco published an article on Brandon Williams, and all other NFL squads’ underrated player. Williams though was tops in the league.

"How he missed out on a Pro Bowl in 2015 is mystifying.

At 6-foot-1, 335 pounds, he is a load inside against the run. It's tough for centers to move him in one-on-one situations and he helps free up the linebackers to run to the football."

How absolutely true of Brandon’s talent. Through my publishings with Baltimore Beatdown I continue to show praise, and just as Prisco mentions, he’s unbelievably talented, and an unsung hero.

Other professional writers feel the same way. Last week ESPN submit their most underrated players. No shocker here, with Brandon winning the underrated label as well.

"At age 24, Williams was an old rookie in 2013. He didn't start until 2014. But he has been a reliable run defender over the past two seasons. He ranked eighth in stops (any play that prevents an offense from gaining meaningful yardage toward a new set of downs) among defensive tackles in 2015." - Vincent Verhei

I have many instances of saying the same thing, and discussing how others forget his importance.

"Brandon’s phenomenal size combined with athleticism shuts down multiple running lanes each play."

"The number one ranked nose tackle in the NFL belongs to "Hulk" Williams according to PFF. Grading at a +12.9 he is the fourth overall DT/NT in the league."

"Brandon Williams leads through four weeks on Tackles, Run grade, and tied for the lead on stops. Stops are solo defensive tackles that constitute an offensive failure. Seventeen plays that have come Williams way are offensive failures. Sheesh, how is he not a name every week during the broadcast?"

"Brandon's overall rating after all 18 games turned out to be +17.7. In the entire NFL, there were only 10 DT/NT combined with a higher overall ranking. Feels good to see Brandon Williams name above Terrance Knighton, Stephen Paea and Nick Fairley."

To any and all Beatdown readers, no doubt you know the importance of Gatekeeper Williams. Hopefully all the exposure helps him receive pro bowl and even All-pro accolades.