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Madden predicts Ravens games: 2016, week two

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In week one, the Ravens just barely pulled out the win against the Buffalo Bills and now travel to Cleveland for what they hope will be a second straight win.

Justin Tucker kicks it off to rookie Corey Coleman who takes a knee in the end zone, and veteran Josh McCown enters the huddle to get this game going for the Browns.

Their first drive had the makings of something promising but ultimately stalled at the Ravens 38 yard line, where they decided to punt for a touchback.

The Ravens would come out on its first possession and on their first play. . . Flacco is picked off by K'waun Williams who returns the pick for a short six-yard return, setting the Browns up at the Ravens 14.

Their drive following the interception would stall, and they would kick a field goal to take a 3 point lead.

BAL- 0, CLE- 3

The Ravens would get things going on their next drive, utilizing short runs by Justin Forsett, and quick completions to a few different receivers, getting them into field goal range.  After an incompletion on 3rd and 9, Justin Tucker would come out and tie the game with a 42-yard field goal.

BAL- 3, CLE- 3

On the next kickoff, a touchback would set up McCown and the Browns to answer, but he is sacked on the first play of the possession and picked off by Jimmy Smith on the second.  Smith would add nine yards to the return and set the Ravens up at the Browns 13 yard line.

A short run by Buck Allen would be immediately followed up by an eight-yard touchdown pass to Mike Wallace, setting the Ravens up for the lead.

BAL- 10, CLE- 3

The Browns get the ball back after another touchback to begin the second quarter, but again they do nothing with it.  A sack on McCown and a holding penalty would force the Browns to punt after three plays.

A long completion to Benjamin Watson, and a few nice runs by Javorius Allen weren't enough to get the Ravens into scoring position, and Sam Koch punts it back to the Browns for a touchback.

Again, the Browns struggle to move the ball, and McCown is sacked deep into their own territory, forcing them to punt it to Keenan Reynolds, adding only a two-yard return.

A 10-yard offensive penalty made it look as thought he Ravens might surrender on 3rd and long, but instead, a 32-yard completion to Mike Wallace would jumpstart the offense.  A few quick passes to Buck, and rookie Kenneth Dixon got the Ravens right down to the goal line, where Justin Forsett would punch it in from the one for a touchdown.

BAL- 17, CLE- 3

Once again, the Browns stall out after another short possession, punting it away to the Ravens.

They start the next drive mainly on the ground with Forsett until eventually hitting a 3rd & 10 inside their own territory.  But Flacco's main chain mover, Steve Smith Sr., comes through with a 24-yard catch to keep the drive alive.

Several more runs by Forsett and Dixon get the Ravens near the red zone, where Smith Sr. shines. This time, it's a 23-yard catch for a touchdown, giving the Ravens a comfortable lead.

BAL- 24, CLE- 3

Both teams trade stalled drives to head into halftime.

A few nice runs and a 29-yard completion to Ben Watson had the Ravens set up nicely, but ultimately they would have to punt after their first possession of the second half.  The Browns offensive woes continue, and a few runs by Isaiah Crowell set the Browns up with a 3rd & 10 in which McCown is picked off by Kyle Arrington, who adds a 20-yard return.

Now set up on the Browns 13, the Ravens offense would go three and out, and kick a short field goal to add another three points to their lead.

BAL- 27, CLE- 3

With McCown unable to get anything going, backup Robert Griffin III checks in and with it comes something better than the stalling.  Several runs by the Browns two lead backs and some long completions get the Browns down to the Ravens 10 yard line.  Griffin would hit wide receiver Andrew Hawkins in the end zone, cutting down the Browns deficit by a bit.  The Browns decide to go for 2 and are able to convert on a short rush by Griffin III.

BAL- 27, CLE- 11

It looked like the Ravens may stall again after a few offensive penalties, but in turn, a 15-yard defensive penalties get their offense going, and down into Cleveland territory.  They would be stoped at the Browns seven-yard line, where Justin Tucker would nail another field goal.

BAL- 30, CLE- 11

Both teams trade several stalled drives until near the end of the game when the Browns drive down to the Ravens nine.  Facing a fourth and one, Griffin is unable to connect on a pass with Crowell, and the Ravens sit on the ball, confirming a week two win.

Notable Ravens Stats:

Joe Flacco: 58% completion rate, 2 touchdowns 1 interceptions on 240 yards passing

Justin Forsett: 31 rushes for 114 yards and a touchdown

Benjamin Watson led the team with 6 catches for 72 yards, while Steve Smith and Mike Wallace each caught a touchdown

Defensively, Eric Weddle led the way with 9 total tackles

Jimmy Smith and Kyle Arrington each had an interception

Brandon Williams, Elvis Dumervil, Terrell Suggs, and Lawrence Guy each had one sack