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NFL submits ‘bold prediction’ for Baltimore Ravens in 2016

Not bad NFL

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Bold predictions, a key product for any publication for the NFL, including Baltimore Beatdown. But the NFL has recently submit theirs and why not join the fun?

Baltimore Ravens: Steve Smith Sr. joins Jerry Rice in the "1,000 yards after Year 15" club.

Yep, that's right -- only Rice has posted a 1,000 yards after Year 15 of his career. And he did it twice.Smith is looking to duplicate the feat coming off a torn Achilles, having reversed field -- like he was running a Steve Smith comeback route -- on his pre-injury decision to retire. The interesting parallel here is to Lawrence Taylor, a Hall of Famer who similarly chose not to end his tremendous career in the trainer's room after suffering a torn Achilles. Give Smith 1,100 yards in 2016.

Not a bad bold prediction. But I feel like throwing on the purple-tinted glasses and sharing a few as well.

  1. Joe Flacco will throw 4,000 passing yards

Joe is coming of a blown knee, and many are worried if he can return to form. I not only think Joe comes back strong, but produces the highest yardage total of his career. The weapons are no longer a hopeful UDFA breaking loose, but instead a surplus of targets to attack with. Between the wide receiving and tight end units, Joe can’t make excuses. Deep threats, possession receivers, capable tight ends, they are all within this roster.

2. Brandon Williams racks up 5+ sacks

Over the last three seasons Brandon has been completely and totally utilized as a run clogging vortex that does not waiver. This season, I expect a breakout in pass rush technique. It won’t be easy, as in the last three seasons Williams has accumulated only 3.5 sacks, but with recently acquired talents through the draft and players coming back from injured reserve I see the big man making a power move or two with the 335 pound frame.

3. Jerraud Powers leads the team in interceptions

Not something many should agree on, but this one is a true bold prediction based completely on gut-feeling. Jerraud is not a pick machine, in fact he has only 11 career picks in 7 seasons. Not terrible, but not what you makes you confident with him being team leader in picks. A good nickel corner changes the game, and I feel Jerraud is the perfect plug & play talent. Corey Graham’s absence has been felt for the past few seasons, and I think the Ravens may finally have a replacement. I think the man snares 6 interceptions.

Call me crazy, but I feel these are true bold predictions. A little hope is behind all of them, but also, they are achievable. Let’s hope all come true and Baltimore is dominating their opponents!