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Baltimore Ravens making Ryan Clark eat his words

Rob Carr/Getty Images

A little over five years ago former Pittsburgh Steelers safety said some very disrespectful words about the NFL’s biggest rivalry.

"People try to make this game between the Ravens and the Steelers like so much of a rivalry, of a fight, you know. You can say it’s a rivalry if you like, but for something to be a rivalry, I think both teams have to win equally," Clark told the KDKA via the Baltimore Sun.

Your blood boiling yet? Don’t worry, he finished it off eloquently. . .

"The hate between the fans doesn’t make it a rivalry. Teams have to win equally, and that really hasn’t been the case in our situation."

Don’t punch a hole through your computer, the Ravens responded quite well.

After Clark’s comments, Baltimore proceeded to beat the Steelers 35-7 on September 11, 2011. The largest margin of victory for the Ravens in the rivalry. Not only did they win this game, but the next two as well, tying their longest win streak against the Steelers.

Pittsburgh hasn’t single season swept the Ravens since Clark’s comments. Meanwhile, the Ravens have twice: 2011, 2015.

Baltimore victories only, they’ve outscored Pittsburgh by 75 points. In total scoring Ravens lead 238-202.

I suppose Ryan is right. Unfortunately the Ravens don’t have a rivalry. Teams have to win equally, and that really hasn’t been the case.