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Ballers season 2 premiere provides cameo from Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs

Ball So Hard University represented in HBO series

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Season two of Ballers came out last night on HBO, and with it produces a big cameo from Terrell Suggs. T-Sizzle's acting chops are as to be expected, angry and pissed off, just like Ravens fans love him.


In this episode we get to witness Sizzle scooter his one-legged self around, meaning the filming was after Week 1 of the 2015 season. Terrell is in a walking boot from the Achilles injury. Don't worry though, it's decked out and shiny, as the Dean of Ball So Hard University deserves.

Terrell Suggs and Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) harbor animosity towards one another. Among many reasons why, Terrell specifically hated Strasmore tweeting out Suggs cared more about personal stats rather than winning. They both argue back & forth on a live TV interview from Jay Glazer, with the end result of Suggs throwing Spencer to the ground.

Later on, they meet up at a party and 'bury the hatchet', finishing their discussion with "Ball so hard."

Terrell hasn't talked about it much on social media, unlike Dwayne the retweeting king. His Instagram does have a small video from the time they filmed 32 weeks ago.


@therock and Keyser Sosè #StiLMIA tho SiZ #fbf Team Sizzle

A video posted by Hancock Rose (@untouchablejay55) on

Nonetheless, Sizzle's appearance is well worth the watch for Baltimore fans. Witnessing his progression could be interesting; the man will go from one-legged scooter to professional linebacker play in 2016.