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What moment in Baltimore Ravens history has come closest to making you quit being a fan?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have been around for 21 seasons now and while the Ravens have had a lot more good times than bad times,  has there ever been a point where you stopped being a Ravens fan? And if so, was it because of on-field performance or off the field issues? Or anything else?

For me personally, I have never had a moment where I strongly considered whether or not I would be a fan of the team. The only thing that has really annoyed me about the Ravens is the offense sputtering and the team not showing up on the road from time to time. That's about it.

Even through the down years of 2005 when the Ravens went 6-10 and in 2007 when the Ravens went 5-11, I didn't consider it then. During those years, my main concern was what the future of the team was. After the Ravens lost in the AFC divisional round in 2006 against the Indianapolis Colts, it kind of felt like the Ravens missed that one opportunity to win a second Super Bowl and I didn't know when the team would reach that level again.

The Ravens winning the Super Bowl 2012 giving Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs a ring while Ray Lewis retired a champion, made up for the collapse in 2006 in my opinion.

In general, I can't see myself rooting for another team barring relocation. When you root for one team for so long I don't see how someone can just pick up and root for another team like it is nothing. It would be hard to bring the same energy of rooting for another team like you did for the original one.

Post your thoughts below.