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2010's All-Decade team: wide receivers

We look at the receivers of the past six years who would make the best corp.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Flanker WR, Calvin Johnson: A shoe in pick in any receiver list, Johnson set the record for receiving yards in a season. Johnson would come in this team as the flanker receiver, lined up to the right of the quarterback. His inclusion cannot be argued. Johnson's a physical specimen. He forces defenses to play with safety help over the top at all-times which has opened up secondary receivers in Detroit like Golden Tate and Brandon Pettigrew. Matching him up parallel to a yards-after-catch specialist will only maximize Johnson's indirect impact.

Split End WR, Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald in his prime brought the consitent technique and  physicality to become the constant yards-after-catch threat across from Johnson. He gets the nod over A.J Green, who is not consistent enough and Dez Bryant, who's skill-set is too similar to Johnson's. Fitzgerald also brings some of the best hands of all-time. Johnson was somewhat susceptible to drops. Fitzgerald brings the consistency and reliability to the position.

Slot WR, Antonio Brown: Antonio Brown plays the slot sparingly. In this team, his sheer speed gives him the edge over Wes Welker. Speed isn't a prerequisite to be a slot receiver, but a fast receiver like Brown woukd leave defenses no chance. With a two-way go and Brown's release skills added to the extra space with safeties being occupied with the two outside receivers, Brown would present as unguardable