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Can Carl Davis breakout?

The second-year lineman can bring the Ravens D-Line to the next level.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive lineman Carl Davis was thought of as a steal when the Ravens picked him up in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. His pre-season performance only validated that thought. He carried his earned momentum into the early weeks of the regular season but hit what has come to be known as the rookie wall.

If Davis comes close to unlocking his potential, his versatility and his natural talent could take the Ravens defensive line to the top of the league.

Davis is the closest thing to Haloti Ngata on the Ravens roster. His ability to potentially play as a five technique and be a force against both the run and the pass will add to more pressure on early  downs, something that has been lacking since Ngata's departure, and notably since 2011.

Davis would feature in a rotation at all positions across the line. The Ravens would be able to pick and choose their preferred personnel and specific situation. For example, Davis as a nose shade could allow the Ravens to shoot all gaps.

Davis improving could also factor into negotiations with Brandon Williams. If the former Iowa star explodes on the scene, the Ravens will be much more comfortable allowing Williams to walk, if he prices himself out of Baltimore.

Davis needs to start by playing lower to the ground and playing with more consistency. The rookie wall can be avoided if conditioning and technique are constantly present.