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Ravens sign Justin Tucker to long-term deal

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With just 30 minutes remaining before the deadline to resign a franchise tagged player, the Baltimore Ravens and kicker Justin Tucker agreed to a long-term deal.

Ozzie Newsome said of the deal, "Justin has become a cornerstone for our team, and we are happy to get this contract completed,. What is good for the Ravens right now is that we have our Pro Bowl special teams group - Sam [Koch], Morgan [Cox] and Justin - signed through the next three seasons."

Tucker said, "I'm pumped that we got this done, and now we can move forward to the important things."

Adam Schefter reports that the deal is 16.8 million dollars over four seasons with 10.8 million dollars guaranteed. In terms of guaranteed money, Tucker is now the highest paid kicker in NFL history. The deal gives Tucker an average of 4.2 million dollars per year, which is second only to Stephen Gostkowski of the New England Patriots (per Jamison Hensley). The deal also includes a 6 million dollar signing bonus. That is the largest signing bonus ever given to a kicker.

Tucker had threatened to not re-sign with the Ravens next year if the Ravens could not strike a deal before the deadline. It was thought that the Ravens could keep Tucker year to year using the franchise tag, however, that would incur an increase in the franchise tag from year to year.

In signing the deal, the Ravens locked up one of its most reliable players, who has been amazingly clutch throughout his career. In the 2015 season, Tucker hit three game-winning field goals. Plus, as Jeff Zrebiec tweeted, the Ravens now have special teams studs Tucker, Sam Kock, and Morgan Cox signed through 2019.

More details to come as more info becomes available.