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ESPN reporter believes John Harbaugh has the hottest seat in the division

Andrew Weber/Getty Images

The ESPN AFC North reporters put together an article entitled, "AFC North Q&A: Who is on the hottest seat in the division?" Coley Harvey, the Bengals reporter, believes that Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is the most at risk.

Are you kidding me? Yes, this is Baltimore Beatdown, so we are biased toward our coach, but really, John Harbaugh, on the hot seat?

All John Harbaugh has done is make the playoffs in six of his eight seasons as a head coach. Every year that Harbaugh made the playoffs, the Ravens won at least one game, including a Super Bowl win in 2012.  Harbaugh has been one of the winningest coaches in the NFL over this decade and is firmly entrenched as one of the best head coaches in the league.

Yes, the Ravens did have the worst season in the Harbaugh era this past year, but that is not due to Harbaugh. In fact, one could argue that this was Harbaugh’s best job as a coach in his career. In the Ravens second game against the Steelers, the Ravens won a game in which they started Ryan Mallett, Buck Allen and Chris Givens.  Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown did play in this game. The fact that the Ravens managed to win five games with 20 players on IR, including stars Terrell Suggs, Joe Flacco, Steve Smith and Justin Forsett is impressive.

There really aren't any AFC North coaches who are on the risk of losing their jobs at this point in time. Mike Tomlin's Steelers are Super Bowl contenders this year, and the Browns won't get rid of Hue Jackson in his first year.

To me, the AFC North coach on the hottest seat, or at least the coach closest to having a hot seat, is Marvin Lewis. Lewis has never even won a playoff game. The Bengals have proved to be a regular season only team over the past few years and with a team as talented as the Bengals are, their inability to win playoff games is embarrassing. If Lewis’s Bengals fail to make playoffs this year, or if they do make the playoffs but fail to win a game again, Lewis’s seat won’t be warm, it won’t be hot, it will be scorching.

Marvin Lewis on the hot seat? Maybe. John Harbaugh on the hot seat? Don't make me laugh.