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Jeremy Zuttah brings his dog Ace as Best Man in Wedding

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Zuttah recently canceled his wedding plans, changing to another venue because City Hall wouldn’t allow his pit bull inside.

The Ravens center married now-wife Heran Haile, and beside them, man’s best friend, and their best man, Ace.

Heran and Jeremy found their pup back when they were both students at Rutgers, and loved the pit bull so much they dressed him in a dog tuxedo!

Tail wagging and everything!

I really commend Jeremy for this; he wanted his best friend, and loyal companion to be by his side when he marries his lifelong companion. They both love the pup, and went as far as to cancel their original plans of marriage to accommodate their friend Ace.

This isn't the only wonderful news about Baltimore Ravens and man's best friend, as a month ago Ronnie Stanley adopted BARC's "most un-adoptable puppy".