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Ravens, Bears and Vikings get into hilarious Pokemon Go themed Twitter fued

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few days, the app Pokemon Go has swept the nation and is the most downloaded app on the App Store. Similar to the Pokemon games of the past, users go out and explore a map to find Pokemon to catch. They then can use those Pokemon to battle other players. The game has clearly found its way into the NFL.

In the afternoon the Bears tweeted:

The Ravens, not surprisingly, took exception to the Bears' tweet and responded saying:

Now, the Bears never were insulting the Ravens. The Bears were referring to the Vikings, one of the Bears' biggest rivals. Chicago wanted to make amends with Baltimore. I mean, does anyone want to piss off John Harbaugh and the Ravens?

The Vikings saw the whole thing unfold and responded with a comeback for the ages. Whoever runs the Vikings Twitter account, they need a raise.

I'll let our President sum it up.