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Your earliest football memory

Think back to the first time you saw a brown pigskin flashing across your screen.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It took me until 2010 to become a full-fledged football fan. Blame Canada and their lack of advertisement for that. However, my father had the foresight to record the 1998 playoffs.

My earliest football memory consists of Gary Anderson channeling his inner Scott Norwood. My eldest brother, who was around 11 could be heard yelling for the "purple team to throw it to Moss". I found myself cheering for the Falcons who simply had a "cooler logo". Back in those days, purple was also considered the softer of colors, when matched up against red.

Football did not immediately draw me in. When broken down, football is not likely to immediately register in a child's mind. The game's complexity is its selling point but also its drawback.

I watched my first live Super Bowl in 2009. The ups and downs of the game combined with the spectacle of the event were mesmerizing. At this point, to my 13-year-old self, football was the game the most fearless of athletes played. I joined the Ravens bandwagon that offseason and hitched myself to it for life.

Discuss your first football memory below. I'm sure some of you were able to see Johnny Unitas live.