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List of what Baltimore Ravens fans want to see from the team in 2016 (Part 2)

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, I talked about what Baltimore Ravens fans want to see from the team in 2016 and plenty of Ravens fans offered their opinion as to what they want to see the team improve on in 2016.

By Dougkh

Play to win

How about an aggressive defense and somebody calling the offensive plays that knows what they are doing

By rajeev varma

My need...

1. I need a good transition from age to youth in our pass rushers.                                                                                   2. Protect Flacco, because for the first time, we have a legit receiving unit.

3. Not blowing leads i.e hazardous choking defense.
4. For SSr to get 1000 yards so he gets around top 5 in all time receiving yards

By crazyravs

A better defense and a consistent offense

I'd like to see a better pass rush and the ability to get off the field in the 4th quarter. I'd like to see a game vs cincy where a.j. doesn't burn us. As far as offense, give me a better offensive line and a more consistent run game.

By Marylander996

3 Things

1. Faster starts from our offense.

2. Stronger run game.

3. No big plays given up at the end of games.

By RavensRascal

Perriman and Dixon being the steals of my fantasy draft

Might have to join a dynasty league just to capitalize on the potential x system fit of those 2

Will also accept Joe Flacco being a top 5 fantasy qb. Dude's gonna drop bombs on defenses like shock and awe they'll call him Colonel Flacco

By benji_

I want that bully mentality back

We desperately need that back,. We've always had truly dominant pieces to the defense like a Ngata and Suggs (not including the once in a generation type like Ray and Ed) so it would be awesome if some of the young players could do that for us like Jernigan/Mosley/Jimmy...I feel like B.Williams is our only dominant player.

By Charm_city_charmer

Win the damn superbowl

its already been too long since we won our last superbowl. its about time!!!

No Super Bowl predictions Charm lol. We will let it slide just once lol.

By FurnanceLifer806

I just want a winning season, maybe a home field advantage berth.

I'm tired of having to resort to having my cousin buy me Jim Beam every other Sunday. It's tragic.

By Moonwalk Jenkins

The return of the running game. Not the Forsett version either

the Ray Rice/Willis McGahee/Jamal Lewis/Bam Morris running game. The one where everyone in the stadium knew we were running on 3rd and short and we still blew them 3 yards off the ball and converted.

By HaStyleRavensFan

Here's my list in the order I'd like to see it.

1. More INTs
2. More Big players on offense (long passes, big runs)
3. More Sacks
4. More Terrence Brooks
5. Better pass pro
6. Big hits!!

By Hikemeister

All I want is the passion to return. I went to 2 games last year, one with Steve Smith and one after the injury. The first game still felt like a Ravens game, with someone introduced last to get the crowd going. The 2nd felt really lame and lacked some heart to start the game.

For the entire Ravens history, this team has had passionate players, but since Ray Lewis left and with Suggs hurt and aging, who is going to carry that torch?

By btraymd

What I expect to see are quite a few veterans that won't make the team this year ........Elam, Juice, Butler, Campanaro, Taliaferro, and Boyle . I don't see Reynolds or Richardson making the team either. Here's why:
Flacco, Mallett, Tucker, Cox and Koch
Stanley, Monroe, Zuttah, Yanda, Jensen, Wagner, Urschel and Hurst (or the rookie)
Dixon,Forsett and Allen
Pitta, Williams, Watson and Gilmore
Smith, Perriman, Moore, Givens, Aiken, Wallace and Waller (that's 27 on offense and special teams).

Williams, Jernigan, Kaufusi, Guy, Urban, Judon, Moore and Henry
Suggs, Dumervil, Mosely, Smith, Correa, Brown, Orr and McClellan
Smith, Powers, Wright, Young and Arrington
Weddle, Webb, Brooks and either Lewis and Levine. (that's 26 on defense)

I know it's early and this is only on paper but it represents a serious improvement in talent and depth. Hopefully we can get to the season without too many injuries and stay that way. If so, then this team has a good chance to go a long way.. 
The biggest improvements are at WR and in the secondary. The addition of Correa, Kaufusi and Judon to augment Suggs, Jernigan and Dumervil should give us a better than average pass rush. IMO Judon will establish himself as a premier pass rusher. The secondary was playing well at the end of last year and Wright showed real improvement. Adding Weddle and Powers should really help. Webb will be more effective at safety.
A healthy Perriman and the addition of Wallace will completely change the effectiveness of the offense. Teams will have to play us completely differently and recognize the deep ball potential. This opens up the rest of the offense. A fully recovered Flacco should have his best season behind a top 5 offensive line. The TE group may be the best in the NFL.
Any time you cut 6 guys that played for you last year it means you have really upgraded both talent and depth. I think that will be the case with this year's Raven team.

Thank you, everyone, for your participation! It is much appreciated!