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List of what Baltimore Ravens fans want to see from the team in 2016 (Part 1)

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, I talked about what Baltimore Ravens fans want to see from the team in 2016 and plenty of Ravens fans offered their opinion as to what they want to see the team improve on in 2016.

By Purple Lightning

1. We definitely need less injuries. You're not going to go far if you lose half of your starting lineup.

2. More big plays. Turnovers is one thing, but we also didn't have a lot of sacks or long catches. In general, we didn't make a lot of those impact plays that changed the game in our favor.

3. More pressure on the QB. We were giving opposing QBs all day to throw the ball and they took full advantage, even mediocre teams like the Browns and the 49ers looked good against us.

By Bmorefanmg

I want the ravens to play like they did against the steelers. Even with all the injuries they had during the last game against the steelers, they dominated. That, more than anything, is what I want from the ravens. A return to bully status

By Pesaro 120

Make the playoffs

Sure would be nice to see us back in the playoffs. Beating the Steelers twice would be nice and a win against the Bengals as well.

By edthehead84

1.Joe is getting alot of money, so let joe be joe. we will win or loose let joe be joe

2.find the defense that like chaos and let it loose,
that's all folks,,,

By King Dooley

organized chaos...

sacks on sacks on sacks and some consistency on offense. The three and outs and lost look on faces is what kills my buzz.

By Green.Ravensfan

Want us to hurt (not injure) people

I want us to make players scared of playing against us 
I want less penalties 
I want more 20+ yard plays
I want 1100 yards and 10 TDs between our TEs
I want atleast 6 30+ points game 
I want 20 interceptions and 4 pick 6s


Baltimore is Defense

So all i want for Christmas is a Ravens defense that smothers the opposing team and doesn't give them the smallest glimmer of hope!

By Vasilis Lericos

More than anything else, I want to see Jimmy and Mosley return to 2014 form. Along with Jernigan & Za'Darius taking the next step. With a new core of top performers on D, everything will fall into place nicely the over the next few seasons

By Yitzi Weiss

I want a defense that eats the opponents soul...