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Timmy Jernigan dissatisfied last season, working to become the best

St Louis Rams v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Last season Timmy Jernigan wasn't exactly up to standards. Not the fans or the teams expectations, but his personally.

"I feel like last year I came up a bit short," Timmy said. "I feel like I had a good year, but to my standards, I don't think it was enough."

A great trait to see in a young player, knowing he can become more, and striving for it.

No doubt Timmy is seeking a better season, with his return to his origins. Jernigan returned to Columbia High School in Lake City, Fla., and ran the stairs of his old stadium.

"In that 100 degree Florida Weather," Jernigan said after last Thursday's warm weathered OTA practice. "I like to get out there when it's hotter than hot, so days like this don't really bother me."

Not only has Timmy been hoofing it up and down stairs in the hot weather of Northern Florida, but Jernigan is cranking out the Olympic lifts, the big one being power cleans.

"I've definitely been busting my butt every day -- day-in and day-out."

Joe Cullen, the Baltimore Ravens new Defensive Line Coach has been pushing him every step of the way. He has made Timmy get up first, yelled when he starts weakening in form, and during a meeting even told him 'Eyes up Timmy!' when he looked down at his shoe. Jernigan summarized Cullens efforts with, "He's going to get the best out of me."

The goal has been the same for Timmy, and the achievement has been a spot on the Pro Bowl roster. "I won't stop until I get [to the Pro Bowl]," Jernigan said. "Sometimes you come up short in life, and it's only going to do two things: it's either going to make you or it's going to break you. It definitely opened my eyes to how hard it is to get there; it's not easy to get there. I'm definitely working hard towards that."

The biggest takeaway wasn't exactly his focus on his work individually, but the team. Timmy would trade any Pro Bowl for winning.

"[The Pro Bowl is] not my main focus; 5-11 is my main focus," Timmy said. "That's what I'm thinking about every day. I'm not worried about the Pro Bowl."

An improved and matured pass rushing, run stopping lineman side-by-side with Brandon Williams, sign me up. This off-season is going to be a hell of a ride with the talented influx of rookies combining with the already talented roster.