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Baltimore Ravens using special whistling footballs to train against fumbling

Preventative for years to come

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With nine fumbles on the year, and three of them equaling turnovers, the Ravens aren't terrible with fumbling issues. But just like your car, preventative maintenance is better than a big fix.

The Baltimore Ravens have now been practicing with sensored footballs to continually teach the importance of ball security. The whistling High and Tight football is a compression sensored ball that works to teach players how to hold the football in the most secure position, and constantly keeping it strapped to your chest.

Creator of High and Tight, Tom Creguer said, "It's not about brute strength, it's constant pressure and closing the gap." What Creguer is referencing is the ball itself. Just squeezing down doesn't make it whistle, but constantly applying strength to the ball, and keeping it positioned to your chest gives the whistle.

Multiple teams have started using the football, namely the Dallas Cowboys. Ezekiel Elliott has even talked about the football. "When you have the football in the perfect position with all the points covered and tight to your body, it sings to you," Elliot said. "When it stops singing, you know you're doing something wrong. So you want to make sure it's singing the whole time."

This season I suggest fans pay attention to the ball-carrying styles of Justin Forsett and the tailback depth chart, observing if the football is constantly strapped down to their bodies.