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Filed under: has no new Ravens making pro-bowl this season

Who could make their debut this season?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports recently released a list of players expecting to make their first Pro Bowl this season. Nine players (no rookies) that look poised for the break-out. Unfortunately, no Baltimore Ravens landed on this list.

Nine NFL players primed to make their Pro Bowl debuts list is a good one. The names in question:

  1. David Johnson, RB, AZ
  2. Keenan Allen, WR, SD
  3. Mike Daniels, DE, GB
  4. Cliff Avril, DE SEA
  5. K.J. Wright, LB, SEA
  6. Stephon Gillmore, CB, BUF
  7. John Brown, WR, AZ
  8. Jordan Reed, TE, WAS
  9. Dont'a Hightower, LB, NE

I could see most of these names landing on Pro Bowl roster this season. Johnson with a breakout year, and K.J. Wright I'm slightly surprised hasn't made a PB yet. Of course the linebacker position is pretty dominant right now, with names like Luke Keuchly, NaVorro Bowman, and Wright's teammate Bobby Wagner. But as for this list, it's missing a few Purple & Black footballers.

Brandon Williams, DE, BAL

How in the world has this man not made a pro-bowl yet? There is no better nose tackle than Big man B-Will. It's an easy answer unfortunately. He's a nose tackle.

Brandon's stats are never gaudy. No sacks, no touchdowns, no flashy plays. Brandon's job doesn't allow him to get the numbers fans all love. When fans get to vote, they look for flashy plays and numbers, and Williams just can't do it. When you vote on the Pro Bowl players, you see their stats on the web-page. Tough to vote Williams in with only two sacks and one forced fumble.

Another reason Brandon hasn't made it, the grouping together of D-lineman and Nose tackle. The positions are very different, but it happens all the same.  A 4-3 inside D-lineman that can grab big TFL & sack numbers will always out-vote a nose tackle who's job is eating up blockers and pulling the double team inside.

Big 98 has a small chance to land in the Pro Bowl this season, but he definitely needs more flashy plays and stats to accomplish the feat.

Kamar Aiken, WR, BAL

Kamar no doubt proved his worth last season, with 75 catches and 944 yards this man can do it all. Let us not forget he did this with a quarterback carousel of Joe Flacco, Jimmy Clausen, and Ryan Mallett. With Joe coming back healthy this season, and upgrading the line with Ronnie Stanley, Kamar has all the more time to get open and put up big time receiving numbers.

Most think this is a person to be buried under the new depth chart, but Kamar is rumored to be top of the chart. Why wouldn't he be?

Mike Wallace doesn't have a route tree near the size of Aiken's. Steve Smith Sr. is coming off a torn Achilles, and Breshad Perriman hasn't worn pads in a year, and never played an NFL game. Kamar Aiken is the man to beat here in Baltimore, and this season will be a big winner for him. It won't be easy, as the AFC North already shows out with two perennial pro bowlers in A.J. Green and Antonio Brown, but it is doable.

Any other players you think could land in the pro bowl next season for the Ravens?