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Will Kyle Juszczyk make the roster in 2016?

There might not be a roster spot for Kyle Juszczyk on the Baltimore Ravens roster.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

For the last two years, Baltimore Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk has done an admirable job at the position as he has made frequent contributions in both the running and the passing game. But Juszczyk's time on the Ravens' roster could come to an end by no fault of his own, but the cruelty of the NFL's numbers game.

The Ravens have a crowded stable at running back and tight end. The Ravens will carry three of those running backs on their final roster, and most likely those three will be Javorious Allen, Justin Forsett, and Kenneth Dixon. The Ravens will also carry three tight ends on their final roster, four if Dennis Pitta can actually make his comeback or if the Ravens choose to keep Nick Boyle after his suspension ends.

Which now is the part where things get difficult for the Ravens and Juszczyk. Either they can keep Juszczyk and carry an extra running back/ tight end on the team at the expense of another offensive position or they can let go of Juszczyk and lose one of the best fullbacks in the NFL.

Of course, this all hinges on Dennis Pitta's ability to stay healthy and make a successful comeback. This is all meaningless if Dennis Pitta re-injures himself or is unable to return to his old level of play. But if Pitta can make the comeback, Juszczyk may be out of a job.