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Pro Bowl switching back to AFC vs. NFC

The league is still trying to make the Pro Bowl cool.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

No one cares about the Pro Bowl. Sure, people are still tuning in to watch the Pro Bowl, but that's more because someone from their team is in it and we need to fill the gap between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. It's still a joke and nothing can be done to change that. Not even a change in format will make people take it seriously. But the league will try.

In the summer of 2013, it was announced that the NFL was doing away with the AFC vs. NFC format that the Pro Bowl had used for decades and that they were going to have teams selected by NFL Hall of Famers. Well now, after only three years, the NFL is switching back to the AFC vs. NFC format that it has used for so long.

But let's be honest. The Pro Bowl is a joke regardless of how you choose the teams. The players don't even take it seriously. There were 41 alternates at last year's Pro Bowl. That's 41 guys who were only in the Pro Bowl because the player who was actually voted to the Pro Bowl had to prepare for a game that actually mattered or because they just didn't feel like showing up. And I have a hard time taking the Pro Bowl seriously when guys like Teddy Bridgewater, who threw a measly 14 Touchdowns in 2015, are playing.

The NFL can select the Pro Bowl teams in whatever way they want. The fact of the matter is that the Pro Bowl is alternated going up against alternates for cash and a participation trophy.