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Eric Weddle needs to bring more than leadership

The Ravens will need him to make game changing plays on top of being the secondary's leader.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The newest Baltimore Raven cannot hope to make the biggest impact possible without on-field production. Since Ed Reed has departed the secondary in 2012, the struggles at the free safety position have been well documented. Fans are hoping the revolving door has finally shut for good with the arrival of Eric Weddle, who by all accounts has been a cog in what most hope to be a revolution in the secondary.

According to's Sarah Ellison, Weddle brings forth intangibles that seem to lift the secondary.

That energy is contagious. Even Webb and Lewis seemed to have an extra pep in their step during the usually hot and monotonous May practices. The three safeties seem to genuinely like playing with each other

What Weddle brings in intangibles the expectation needs for him to match in game breaking plays. He will likely be used in a swiss army knife role meaning he will have the opportunity to make plays against various alignments.

The interception total target should be four. Anything under that number should be considered a disappointment. Ravens fans will be hoping that his addition comes closer to Rod Woodson's then to the most recent addition of Kendrick Lewis.