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ESPN World Fame 100 released; not a single Baltimore Raven, but Andy Dalton makes it?

Wait, not a single one?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN recently posted their "World Fame 100", consisting of the top 100 famous athletes. Apparently Joe Flacco, nor Ray Lewis even cracked the list.

There are 16 American Football players in the top 100, and not a single one play for the Baltimore Ravens. The list below will show what players are recognized, and what they are ranked in the world.

  1. Cam Newton (32nd)
  2. Peyton Manning (38)
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. (40)
  4. Drew Brees (44)
  5. Russell Wilson (49)
  6. Tom Brady (52)
  7. Aaron Rodgers (53)
  8. J.J. Watt (56)
  9. Marshawn Lynch (61)
  10. Eli Manning (66)
  11. Andrew Luck (69)
  12. Tony Romo (70)
  13. Rob Gronkowski (72)
  14. Andy Dalton (95)
  15. Ben Roethlisberger (98)
  16. Carson Palmer (99)

Yeah, you're reading this right. Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton are both on this list, yet Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco is not.

The reasoning behind no Baltimore superstars has to do with the analytics behind the measurements.

ESPN started with the salary & endorsements of paid athletes, then also measured their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram number from May 12, 2016. They also ran Google Trend scores, on a scale of 0-100 measuring the relative popularity of players based on how often they are searched.

Now these measurements make it clear why Joe wouldn't make it over AFC North rival Dalton & Roethlisberger. Joe's Twitter hasn't cracked a half million, and the only time people google about him is to know if he's Elite or not. Joe also didn't see any post-season success this past year, nor could do any big time endorsements with his knee injury, burning any chance to rise up in trends or rankings.

It is strange to see  Dalton highly ranked, when his Twitter followers are even less than Flacco's. Joe's Followers are 266k and Andy Dalton is 99,000 persons less.

Either way, it's all silly, but still something to be slightly  surprised by. Who would have thought that the Cincinnati ginger with an 0-3 playoff record would be more world renowned than 2012 Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco!