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Why haven’t any Baltimore Ravens been selected to the Top 100 yet?

The Ravens currently have zero players on this year's NFL Top 100. Zero

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The team's success plays a lot into how the rest of the league views the individual players on that team, as we can see from this year's NFL Top 100. Another factor that most definitely weighed into this year's list was injuries. Dez Bryant finished at #15 in 2015, but this year he is at #51. Andrew Luck finished at #7 in 2015, but dropped a whoppin' 85 spots to #92.

Ravens fans could argue that there should be more players in the Top 100, however looking at players who made it last year: Elvis Dumervil was only able to reach 6 sacks, Steve Smith was injured, Justin Forsett was injured, Terrell Suggs was injured, CJ Mosley and the rest of the defense had a down year, and Joe Flacco was injured.

Ravens who made the Top 100 in 2015:

46. Elvis Dumervil

54. Steve Smith

65. Justin Forsett

79. Marshal Yanda

82. Haloti Ngata (was traded to the Lions last offseason)

84. Terrell Suggs

86. Eric Weddle (joined the Ravens this offseason)

94. CJ Mosley

97. Joe Flacco

Some fans might expect Marshal Yanda to still make it, because he is definitely one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. However, last year he only made it to #79 on the list. We are now halfway through this list. Thus far, only 3 offensive linemen have made the list. It is not likely he will be on the top 50. The highest he has ever been is #55. Let me know if you think Yanda, or any other Ravens will still make the list.

Whether you think honors like the Pro Bowl, and the NFL Top 100 are pointless or not, it still shows how the rest of the league views the players they play against.

Ravens players who could make it to the list following this season are Brandon Williams, Jimmy Smith, and Eric Weddle. Terrell Suggs, Steve Smith Sr., and CJ Mosley can also make it back on the list with strong seasons.