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Ravens and their commercials: from funny to, well, funny

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years many Baltimore Ravens have been in commercials. Of course you’ve heard Ray Lewis pumping you up in an Under Armour commercial, or yelling with Old Spice, and let’s not forget Flacco’s Favorites!

Ray Lewis commercials:

Under Armour: It’s August
Play Safe NFL w/ Ray Lewis
Old Spice Swagger
Old Spice & Talking Bear
Old Spice Heart of a Champion - Fun part you can see Ray blatantly read his lines
Madden 2004
Madden 2005 - personal favorite
Madden 2013 - very well done, helps we won the Super Bowl this year
Toughest Interview - Hopefully I can ask Harbaugh one of these questions
Retirement Home w/ Brian Urlacher
Black & Yellow w/ Paul Rudd
Old School Ray for NFL Equipment
EASTERN MOTORS - Please somebody top this terrible commercial

Joe Flacco commercials:

Flacco’s Favorite! - Bless yourself with 10 seconds of ELITE screen time
Pittsburgh?! - Another glorious commercial
Signing Bonus - Without a word Joe Cool provides amazing content
Everything’s Easier - Flacco after finally taking acting lessons and looking fresh
Mighty Wings
Mighty Wings 2 - Did ya bring the sauce? Meek Mill warned us about the sauce
Bad Lip Reading Mighty Wings
Going to Disneyland
Joe has a problem
Mother’s commercial - It’s worse than Flacco’s Favorites. . .
RoFantasy Files - A good one again

Justin Tucker commercials:

Royal Farms coffee - That’s actually him singing
Royal Farms coffee 2
Car Biz McConaughey
Car Biz McConaughey 2


Haloti Ngata commercials:

Thompson Creek - The Sun!
Thompson Creek w/ Ryan Kerrigan
Royal Farms Chicken
Royal Farms 2 - Electric Boogaloo
Royal Farms 3!
Royal Farms 4 - The Chicken Train don’t stop!
Royal Farms 5
Royal Farms 6
Royal Farms 7
Royal Farms 8
Royal Farms 9
Royal Farms 10

This was surely fun. . . And clearly you can tell the offseason is even getting at Baltimore Beatdown some.